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During your Automatic Transmission Service at Vern Eide Honda, one of our Factory Certified Technicians will inspect your transmission lines and fluid to check for leaks and any obstructions that may be harming your Honda. Then, they will drain your transmission fluid, cleaning away any debris, residue, and contaminants. Once your transmission lines are cleaned, we will replace the old, dirty fluid with clean, high-quality Genuine OEM transmission fluid and a new transmission filter. This way, your Honda’s transmission life cycle will be drastically improved.

Signs that your Honda is nearing or past due for a transmission service:
  • Problems shifting gears
  • “Slipping” gears
  • Surging, delaying and inconsistent vehicle movement
  • Grinding or strange noises coming from the transmission


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Factory Train Technican Transmission Maintenance

But why does any of this matter? Debris can build up in your transmission due to a breakdown in the fluid. Heat, moisture and the constant amount of friction your transmission regularly endures starting to cause the transmission fluid to lose its lubricating properties. By the simple act of getting your Honda Automatic Transmission Service done by a Factory Certified Technician, you are ensuring that a thorough inspection will be done to your Honda. However, by putting off this service, you run the risk of incredibly costly repairs and the potential failure of the internal clutches and friction plates, valve body, and solenoids.

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At Vern Eide Honda, we always encourage checking with your owners manual for regular maintenance intervals. The tricky thing with servicing your transmission is that if you use your Honda to tow heavy loads or spend a lot of time driving on mountainous terrain, you’ll need to think about getting your Automatic Transmission Service done much sooner than your owners manual recommends.

By choosing Vern Eide Honda for your Honda Automatic Transmission Service you are choosing a Honda Dealer with deep ties to the Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Watertown, Aberdeen, Chamberlain, Pierre, and Rapid City areas. You’re choosing a dealership that recognizes how valuable your time is, so we offer Early Bird Drop Offs and After Hours Drop Off and Pick Up. Let our helpful staff walk you through your Honda’s needs while enjoying complimentary refreshments and snacks in our comfortable waiting area, or take our easy shuttle service to get to work on time or dropped off so you can enjoy dining or shopping.

Why Service at Vern Eide Honda?

  • Helpful Staff
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